Mental Health Workforce Development

Elk City, Weatherford and Woodward Public Schools were chosen as the first Oklahoma Project AWARE districts due to the lack of mental health providers in Western Oklahoma. Throughout the state the licensed mental health professional to population ratio is 30,000 people per one LMHP. In Western Oklahoma the population to licensed mental health professional ratio is 150,000 people per one LMHP.

In an effort to close this divide Project AWARE is paying for any school counselor in the 3 AWARE districts to attend SWOSU and earn the additional credit hours needed to obtain Licensed Professional Counselor credentials in Oklahoma. 

For information regarding SWOSU's graduate program in Community Counseling click this link.

If you are a school counselor in Elk City, Weatherford or Woodward and would like to continue your education to obtain your LPC click this link.

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Last updated on January 29, 2019