Oklahoma Science Frameworks

Within the first few years of implementation of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-Science), teachers from across the state came together to develop and release the OKSci Framework Overviews. Since the release of the overviews, we have been looking for more ways to support teachers in their endeavor to align their instruction to the OAS-Science. Seeing the positive feedback for the ELAOK and OKMath Framework sites, we wanted to provide a more digital presence for OKSci, one that could house the framework overviews, as well as other resources.

On the Oklahoma Science Framework website, K-12 teachers have access to science resources for their specific grade level or subject. 

Visit the Oklahoma Science Framework website

Curricular Frameworks are resources developed to help teachers translate standards into classroom practice. They do not represent a directive to teachers, schools, or districts for classroom instruction. They do represent ways Oklahoma educators think about translating standards into classroom instruction. The Oklahoma Science Frameworks currently include an introduction to the structure of the standards, the dimensions that comprise them, and grade level overviews. The Oklahoma Science Frameworks will include additional documents of support including progression documents, grade level companions documents, exemplars, and other guiding documents as determined via feedback from Oklahoma educators.

For questions or to provide feedback on the Oklahoma Science Frameworks, contact Heather.Johnston@sde.ok.gov.

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Last updated on June 16, 2021