Student Transportation - District Forms & Information

District Forms & Information

Public School districts are required to ensure your drivers and vehicles meet the minimal requirements. For information regarding the bus driver requirements and forms, go to the Bus Driver tab.

Professional Development

Bus Driver Certification Online System

The Oklahoma Bus Driver Certification online system is accessed through the Single Sign-On System (SSO). District superintendents grant the appropriate staff the authority to access and work in the online system to update driver information.

School Bus Driver Certification Guide

Oklahoma Bus Driver Trainer

To become a bus driver trainer for new bus drivers, you must submit the application to the Oklahoma State Department of Education after completing the online course provided through the Oklahoma Association for Pupil Transportation or complete two internships.

Oklahoma School District Transportation Areas

The University of Oklahoma in collaboration with the Oklahoma State Department of Education has developed a transportation area map to assist districts in determining the area they may transport students without collaboration with the neighboring district. Dependent school district transportation areas have been assigned to independent districts for the sole purpose to allow the independent district authorization to transport students in the dependent district for only the grades the not offered.

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Last updated on July 8, 2022