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Student Transportation - Transportation Director

Transportation Director

As the Transportation Director, you are responsible to ensure your drivers and bus fleet meet the minimum qualifications.

  • Ensure each driver:
    • Completed four hours of annual professional development
    • Ensure each driver has a current physical on file at the district and documentation is in the Bus Driver Certification Online System. 
      • The OSDE physical form requires annual renewal
      • The DPS Physical form requires renewal every two years with the exception of a medical waiver when then requires annual renewal.
      • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Medical Waiver
    • Annually update every driver, including substitute drivers and part-time drivers, in the Bus Driver Certification Online System located in Grants Management System (GMS).  If you do not have access to this online program, The district superintendent will have to provide you access.
    • Each driver has completed a drug/alcohol tests upon hire.
    • Each driver is currently enrolled in the district random drug/alcohol testing program.
  • Drug Recognition Certification - Transportation Directors are required by federal law to have training regarding the recognition of drivers possible under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Certification may be required during OSDE audits.
  • Bus Inspections must occur annually.  Documentation of the annual inspection must be kept at the district.
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Last updated on April 6, 2020