Student Transportation - Transportation Director

Transportation Director

As the Transportation Director, you are responsible to ensure your drivers and bus fleet meet the minimum qualifications.

  • Ensure each driver:
    • Completed four hours of annual professional development
    • Ensure each driver has a current physical on file at the district and documentation is in the Bus Driver Certification Online System. 
      • The OSDE physical form requires annual renewal
      • The DPS Physical form requires renewal every two years with the exception of a medical waiver when then requires annual renewal.
      • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Medical Waiver
    • Annually update every driver, including substitute drivers and part-time drivers, in the Bus Driver Certification Online System located in Single Sign-On (SSO).  If you do not have access to this online program, The district superintendent will have to provide you access.
    • Each driver has completed a drug/alcohol tests upon hire.
    • Each driver is currently enrolled in the district random drug/alcohol testing program.
  • Drug Recognition Certification - Transportation Directors are required by federal law to have training regarding the recognition of drivers possible under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Certification may be required during OSDE audits.
  • Bus Inspections must occur annually.  Documentation of the annual inspection must be kept at the district.
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Last updated on October 7, 2020