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Oklahoma Academic Standards for Fine Arts

  • Music & Visual Arts Oklahoma Academic Standards
  • Dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual art standards are under review by four draft review committees.  We look forward to a public comment period this fall.  Keep watching this page for updates on the process! 

OAAE Professional Learning Grants

The application for the 2019-20 Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education Professional Learning Grants is now open.  Interested teachers can find the application HERE.  The application is due by August 1, 2019.  

Fine Arts Assessment and Requirements

School districts shall develop and implement curriculum, courses, and instruction in order to ensure that students meet the skills and comptencies as set forth in this section and in the subject matter standards adopted by the State Board of Education.  Students, therefore, shall study social studies, literature, languages, the arts, mathematics, and science (70 O.S. 11-103.6). 

Please note that HB 3218 has eliminated the requirement for districts to administer a fine arts assessment effective July 1, 2016. HB 3218 also repealed statutes and language referring to EOI and ACE assessment requirements.

You are no longer required to report your district’s Fine Arts assessment results to the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Keep in mind, the assessment reporting piece has been repealed, not the arts requirement. Download the Oklahoma Academic Standards for the Music and Visual Art above.


Fine Arts Newsletter 

Check out the latest edition for professional development opportunities, important announcements, and fine arts news from across the state!  

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State Superintendent Awards for Arts Excellence

The Oklahoma State Department of Education is pleased to join with the Oklahoma Alliance for Arts Education and the Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma for the 29th Annual State Superintendent Awards for Arts Excellence. This special recognition is given to high school juniors and seniors who meet certain criteria.  In addition, we recognize fine arts educators, school administrators, and school boards who exhibit leadership, support quality arts education, and demand academic excellence in Oklahoma schools. 

Photos from the 2019 State Superintendent's Awards are available HERE!  They are free to download.  


2017-18 Oklahoma Fine Arts Data

Every year, the OSDE accreditation office collects data from school districts across the state.  The 2017-18 Fine Arts subject data has been compiled into a searchable spreadsheet.  Please keep in mind that this is reported data from districts across the state and may not be 100% accurate.  Also, only certain subjects were included in this report (see spreadsheet).  If you are interested in improving the validity of reported data in the future, speak with your district administration regarding the accreditation report. 

Click here to see the 2017-18 Oklahoma Fine Arts Data 

A few key findings from this data by district:

  • 93 or 18% of Oklahoma districts do not offer Fine Arts classes in the selected subject areas.
  • Just over 50% of districts offer Elementary Music and Instrumental Music.  All other subject areas are below 50%. 
  • 33% of PK-8 districts offer Elementary Music.  All other subject areas are below 15%. 

By percentage of students served: 

  • Over 90% of students in PK-12 districts have Elementary Music and Instrumental Music.  Over 70% of PK-12 Middle and High School students have access to Instrumental Music, Speech 1, Vocal Music, and Art. 
  • Just over 50% of students in PK-8 districts have Elementary Music.  

If you have any questions about this data or would like more information, please contact Elizabeth Maughan.  She will be presenting her findings at the Oklahoma Arts Conference and Oklahoma Fine Arts Regional Meetings.


Copyright Law

Copyright law can be an intimidating subject for arts educators.  However, every Oklahoma fine arts teacher should know and follow copyright law.  If you have technical questions about possible legalities of a copyright, speak to your administrator or district music supervisor for advice on legal counsel. 

Music Education Copyright Law Guidance

Visual Art Education Copyright Law Guidance 


Regional Professional Learning Workshops

As part of the EngageOK cycle, the State Department of Education is offering regional meetings around the state for educators.  Fine Arts educators will have the opportunity to attend subject specific professional learning workshops.  These professional workshops are FREE to attend!  More information can be found here.   

Professional Development

The Office of Standards and Curriculum is available to provide professional development to teachers in their local area, either face-to-face or through video conference or webinar (point-to-point/distance learning) technology. In order for the professional development to have as much impact as possible, for face-to-face interactions, groups need to include representation from at least 5 districts, an entire county, or that contain at least 25 teachers. For point-to-point/distance learning technology interactions any size group can be accommodated. 
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Last updated on May 16, 2019