Federal Funding and the Arts

Title IV, Part A and Fine Arts

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) contains specific language that allows school districts to utilize Student Support and Academic Enrichment Funds (Title IV, Part A) for programs and activities that support student access to a well-rounded education. Funds are distributed annually to each district through the funding formula, based on funding allocations to districts from Title I, Part A, Subpart 2. Funds are spent at the district level, not school site level. Title IV, Part A funds can be used for activities that support all students in all schools. Schools and students do not need to be Title I eligible to receive services or benefit from activities.

Fine Arts

Fine arts classes are an essential part of a student’s well-rounded education at both the state and federal levels. Oklahoma defines the arts as the unique four disciplines of dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual arts. School districts may use Title IV, Part A funds to implement or expand programs and activities that use the arts as tools to support student success. Title IV, Part A funds cannot supplant current fine arts funding, but may be used to supplement funding. Educators and community stakeholders who are interested in how to access Title IV, Part A for the arts should begin by contacting the individual in the school district with responsibility for administering federal programs.

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Last updated on March 3, 2021