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Legislative Updates

Several legislative updates regarding mental health, trauma and substance abuse in relation to schools have passed. Specifically:

SB 382
Requires Safe Schools Committee to study and make recommendations on professional development for recognizing and reporting suspected human trafficking.
Effective 7/1/2019
70 O.S 24-100.5

SB 576
Requires school employees to immediately report suspected abuse or neglect to DHS (if under 18) or law enforcement (if over 18). Requires reports be confidential prohibiting school employee from being identified unless ordered by court, PD, or DHS.
Effective 7/1/2019
70 O.S 1210.163

SB 1030 
Prohibits schools from refusing or penalizing students for holding a medical marijuana license unless not doing so would cause the potential loss of federal funds.
Effective 8/30/2019
63 O.S. 425

SB 33
Adds all vapor products to the list of products prohibited under the 24/7 tobacco free schools act.
Effective 7/1/2019
70 O.S. 1210.212, 70 O.S. 1210.213

SB 446
Requires OSDE and ODMHSAS to develop training and resources to help school employees recognize and address student mental health needs.
Effective 5/2/2019
2019 O.S.L 286

SB 971
Requires SROs to receive training on trauma informed sexual assault response and intervention.
Effective 11/1/2019
70 O.S. 3311.5

SB 926
Requires schools offering sex ed courses to include information regarding consent in the curriculum and materials.
Effective 7/01/2019
70 O.S. 11-105.1

HB 1905
Requires teacher candidates to study trauma informed responsive instruction in teacher prep programs
Effective 11/01/2019
70 O.S. 6-185

For guidance regarding legislative updates regarding mental health and substance abuse contact:

Beth Whittle, Executive Director of Counseling, 405-521-3549
Shelly Ellis, Deputy Superintendent of School Support, 405-522-3263

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Last updated on April 29, 2020