Project AWARE

The purpose of the AWARE grant is to build or expand the capacity of State Educational Agencies in partnership with State Mental Health Agencies and Local Education Agencies to 1) increase awareness of mental health issues among students 2) provide training to school personnel and other adults who interact with students to detect and respond to mental health issues; and 3) connect students, who may have behavioral health issues, serious emotional disturbance or serious mental illness, and their families to needed services.

Project AWARE is a SAHMSA grant totaling $8,616,110. It is a five- year grant that will increase mental health services and supports to students in Elk City, Weatherford and Woodward public schools. Project AWARE has added an additional licensed mental health professional in each district as well as a community manager. These individuals with the project AWARE team are working to ensure students mental health needs are met within district buildings as well as increase partnerships and mental health awareness in the community.

A Statewide Comprehensive School Mental Health plan is being developed through Project AWARE that will enable other districts in Oklahoma to learn from and adopt programs and procedures 

Through Project AWARE districts in Western Oklahoma are receiving increased services through telemedicine. For more information contact:

Cheryl McGee, or (405) 522-6864

Project AWARE Web Page

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Last updated on April 24, 2020