Violence Prevention

OSDE offers several staff trainings regarding the following topics:

  • Consent: This training discusses the definition of consent, consent laws in Oklahoma, and how to connect having conversations with students about consent through discussing healthy relationships in age-appropriate ways. This session will then discuss how school-wide prevention programs promote student connection and a positive school climate and culture.
  • Healthy relationships: This training focuses on how age-appropriate, healthy relationship promotion programs can lead to a prevention of bullying, substance abuse, relationship violence, and suicide in schools by:
    • Giving an overview of healthy relationship promotion programs in different age groups
    • Connecting the intersections of how healthy relationship interactions can decrease the prevalence of negative health risks (violence, substance abuse, suicide) in students
    • Demonstrate activities/lessons that can be used in classrooms

To request training and consultation services contact:
Elizabeth Suddath, Executive Director of Prevention

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Last updated on April 24, 2020