The Oklahoma Early Learning Inventory (ELI)

The Early Learning Inventory (ELI) is a free, comprehensive tool to gauge students’ knowledge and skills at the start of the school year and to monitor students’ progress in these areas across the year. The ELI covers foundational knowledge and skills, such as counting and alphabet knowledge, as well as dispositions and abilities critical to early learning. Educators can quickly and purposefully gather information about their students’ knowledge and skills using the ELI’s observational rubrics that outline the progression of children’s learning across six essential domains of school readiness: 
  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Approaches toward learning;
  • Physical Development, Health, and Well Being;
  • Scientific Conceptual Understanding; and
  • Self, Family, and Community.

Beyond providing insight to educators on the entry point of the students in their class, it allows for rich conversation and information sharing with families on student goals. 


Want to Know More?

Review these Frequently Asked Questions 

The video below provides general information on the Early Learning Inventory, including appropriate uses and how to gain access.


Teachers Trained in the ELI will be able to:

  • Effectively implement the Early Learning Inventory with students
  • Access resources to support growth and development
  • Use the Data Dashboard on Single Sign On to develop reports and inform instruction for effective student growth
  • Share Data with families to guide collaboration in learning

For more information click the image below: 



ELI Data Dashboard

The Early Learning Data Dashboard is available through Single Sign On and is made available to teachers upon training completion of the Early Learning Inventory.  The Data Dashboard provides detailed reports to guide instructional practices to meet the needs of students.



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Last updated on September 22, 2022