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Welcome to the Early Childhood Department of Education at OSDE.  Our department serves the earliest learners in Oklahoma, from birth to 3rd Grade.    

The Early Learning Inventory (ELI) is a free, comprehensive tool to assess students’ knowledge and skills at the start of the school year and to monitor students’ progress in these areas across the year. The ELI covers foundational knowledge and skills, such as counting and alphabet knowledge, as well as dispositions and abilities critical to early learning. Educator can quickly and purposefully gather information about their students’ knowledge and skills using the ELI’s observational rubrics that outline the progression of children’s learning across six essential domains of school readiness: 

  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Approaches toward learning;
  • Physical Development, Health, and Well Being;
  • Scientific Conceptual Understanding; and
  • Self, Family, and Community.

Beyond providing insight to educators on the entry point of the students in their class, it allows for rich conversation and information sharing with families on student goals. 

For more information see the Oklahoma Early Learning Inventory Webpage:


Oklahoma Pre-K

Children who are age four on or before September 1, are eligible for the voluntary public school pre-kindergarten program.  Currently, 65% of Oklahoma’s four-year-olds attend public school and have access to:

  • an Early Childhood Certified Teacher
  • a 10:1 child to teacher ratio
  • comprehensive school services
  • full day or half-day programs
  • state-adopted curriculum standards

Early Childhood Education Programs under Oklahoma Administrative Code Section 210:15-11-2 

Oklahoma Pre-K Profile

The National Institute of Early Education Research (NIEER) produces a yearly Preschool yearbook in which programs for our early learners are evalutated on 10 benchmarks of quality.  In 2023 Oklahoma ranked 3rd in the nation for 4-year old access to Pre-K programs, and met 9 out of 10 benchmarks of quality.

View the Oklahoma Preschool Profile



Children who are age five on or before September 1 are eligible for the public school Kindergarten program.  Full-day Kindergarten is currently offered in every school district in Oklahoma (some exceptions apply).  Kindergarten children have access to:

  • a school readiness program
  • a state-adopted curriculum standards
  • an Early Childhood Certified Teacher

Oklahoma State Statutes for Kindergarten 

Oklahoma Academic Standards

Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) serve as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. These standards were written by Oklahomans for Oklahoma.

Learn more about Oklahoma Academic Standards here and find the Instructional Frameworks here

Toileting Guidance

The OSDE Early Childhood Education department has received inquiries concerning toilet training requirements for admission to Pre-K programs across the state. Oklahoma State Statute 70 O.S. 1-114 defines eligibility criteria for state preschool programs, and has been in effect since 1971. Being toilet trained should not be used as a condition for school enrollment or attendance. 

The OSDE has created two new documents to provide guidance with this matter. LEAs may now refer to the Oklahoma Public Schools Toileting Guidance and Additional Guidance for Toileting Procedures. Further questions may be directed to the Office of Early Childhood at 405-522-0755 or the Office of Special Education at 405-521-3351.

Family Guides

The OSDE Family Guides are resources aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards and developed specifically for Oklahoma families to complement classroom learning. They illustrate what is expected of students at each grade level in different content areas along with activities families can do at home to further support children's learning experiences. These guides are great resources for families at Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, Family Nights, and School Newsletters.  For more information or to see other grade level family guides click here

    Child Care

    Early Learning Guidelines - Ages 0-2
    Early Learning Guidelines - Ages 3-5
    Oklahoma Human Services Child Care Licensing Requirements 

    Child Care Resource and Referral 

    Early Childhood Newsletters

    Please subscribe to the #OKEarlyEd Newsletter here.

    Early Childhood Professional Development

    The Office of Instruction is available to provide customized professional development to school districts in their local area. Please contact the Office of Early Childhood and Literacy at (405) 521-3034 or complete the online request form.

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    Last updated on July 10, 2024