Early Childhood and Family Education


Jennifer McKay 
Senior Director of Early Childhood
Curriculum and Instruction
(405) 522-0638

Judy Cummings
Literacy Coordinator

Curriculum and Instruction 
(405) 521-4096

Early Childhood and Family Education provides information and resources to support children and families birth to age 8. We offer professional development covering the Oklahoma Academic Standards and best practices for early childhood classrooms.

Oklahoma's 8-Year Strategic Plan, called Oklahoma Edge, has a critical goal:

  • Every child deserves and must have the opportunity for a strong, competitive education that can lead to a productive and fulfilling life.

The Early Childhood office will support this goal by building on the Oklahoma Edge pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Achieve academic success
  • Pillar 2: Build exceptional educators and schools
  • Pillar 3: Create engaged communities

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Please see the "Main Page" menu for information regarding specific ages and grade levels. The "Quick Link" section provides links to commonly asked questions about topics such as the Oklahoma Academic Standards, Special Education, and How to Support Young Children Academically as well as Immunization and Child Care information.

Early Childhood Professional Development

The Office of Instruction is available to provide customized professional development to school districts in their local area. Please contact the Office of Instruction at (405) 522-3241 or complete the online request form

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Last updated on August 8, 2019