Educators and Administrators

Educators and Administrators

Early Childhood Professional Development

The Office of Instruction is available to provide customized professional development to school districts in their local area. Please contact the Office of Instruction at (405) 521-4096 or complete the online request form.

Statewide Initatives and Training

The Early Learning Inventory

The Early Learning Inventory (ELI) is a free, comprehensive tool to gauge students’ knowledge and skills at the start of the school year and to monitor students’ progress in these areas across the year. The ELI covers foundational knowledge and skills, such as counting and alphabet knowledge, as well as dispositions and abilities critical to early learning. Educator can quickly and purposefully gather information about their students’ knowledge and skills using the ELI’s observational rubrics that outline the progression of children’s learning across six essential domains of school readiness: 

  • Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Approaches toward learning;
  • Physical Development, Health, and Well Being; 
  • Scientific Conceptual Understanding; and
  • Self, Family, and Community.

Beyond providing insight to educators on the entry point of the students in their class, it allows for rich conversation and information sharing with families on student goals. 

Initiative Informational Document

Frequently Asked Questions

LETRS Training

Language Essentials for the Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) is a comprehensive, professional development that responds to the growing need for high-quality support for literacy educators. More than any other professional development curriculum, LETRS prepares educators for the challenging work of teaching literacy. Beyond the routines and lesson plans of adopted reading programs, it's important that educators understand the language structures they're teaching, how students learn to read and write, and the reasons that some children fail to learn. The Oklahoma State Department of Education has developed the Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies to provide this comprehensive training to Oklahoma educators at no cost. Spaces are limited and registration is open until slots are filled. LETRS training honors RSA requirements for teacher literacy professional development.

Find out more about the Oklahoma Science of Reading Academies and LETRS at

Oklahoma Academic Standards

Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) serve as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. These standards were written by Oklahomans for Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma Academic Standards:
  • Focus on deep thinking, conceptual understanding, and real‐world problem-solving skills
  • Set expectations for students to be College, Career, and Citizenship Ready
  • Incorporate Literacy in Science, Social Studies, and Technical Subjects
  • Emphasize the use of citations and examples from texts when creating opinions and arguments
  • Increase rigor and grade‐level expectations
  • Determine the full range of support for English Language Learners and Students with Special needs.
Standards (Combined Content Areas):  

To learn more about Oklahoma Academic Standards visit here.

Early Childhood Fast Facts provides the most up to date information on Early Childhood programs in the state of Oklahoma. View the report.

Early Childhood Briefs 

Summer 2019 / Brief 1 - Who are early childhood learners, and what are some strategies for instructional success?

Fall 2019 / Brief 2 - The importance of play in the cognitive and emotional development of early childhood.

Spring 2020 / Brief 3 - Recognizing diversity in the first year of schooling.

Summer 2020/ Brief 4 - Best practices in supporting young learners over summer.

Administrator and Educator Resources

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Last updated on August 26, 2021