Four Year Old Pre-K

Four Year Old Pre-K











Oklahoma Pre-K

Children who are age four on or before September 1, are eligible for the voluntary public school pre-kindergarten program.  Currently, 65% of Oklahoma’s four-year-olds attend public school and have access to:

  • an Early Childhood Certified Teacher
  • a 10:1 child to teacher ratio
  • comprehensive school services
  • full day or half-day programs
  • state-adopted curriculum standards

Early Childhood Education Programs under Oklahoma Administrative Code Section 210:15-11-2 

Oklahoma Pre-K Profile

The National Institute of Early Education Research (NIEER) produces a yearly Preschool yearbook in which programs for our early learners are evalutated on 10 benchmarks of quality.  In 2021 Oklahoma ranked 2nd in the nation for access to preschool programs. 

View the Oklahoma Preschool Profile

Public School Collaboration Programs for Four Year Olds

State law allows public school early childhood programs to operate in collaboration with other public and private early childhood programs. Some collaborating organizations include:

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Last updated on November 20, 2023