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Family and Community Engagement

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The Oklahoma State Department of Education is committed to strengthening and increasing family and community engagement to support student learning. The Office of Family and Community Engagement provides guidance, resources and support for families, schools, and communities as they work together to build meaningful partnerships that promote student success. We know these partnerships ultimately lead to significant gains in student achievement.



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The Oklahoma Family Engagement Framework invites families, schools, and communities to partner to support student learning. It brings research and local experience together to create a vision for family engagement.

Oklahoma Family Engagement Framework 

Distance Learning Resources

Planning for potential short-term disruptions to instruction requires a renewed effort by our school leaders to plan and promote student learning through family and community engagement. Resources are now available to help you identify key opportunities for engaging families and supporting learning at home.


Engaging Families to Support Distance Learning 

Oklahoma Family Guides


Oklahoma's Pathways for Family Engagement

Family and Community Engagement is a shared responsibility among families, schools, and communities to build relationships that support a child’s learning and growth from birth through college and career. These four pathways will help establish strong family, school, and community partnerships.


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Last updated on January 5, 2024