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From the research around Family Engagement, Oklahoma has developed four essential pathways to help every district, school, and community determine where they are and move forward in a meaningful way. Each pathway is designed around the continuous improvement process – Plan, Do, Review.
Chevrons_CMYK_Chevron - Sky Blue.jpg (1251×1250) Plan: A discovery process helps collect information around family engagement and identify gaps.
Chevrons_CMYK_Chevron - Sky Blue.jpg (1251×1250) Do: Guiding questions help ensure family engagement efforts are on track.
Chevrons_CMYK_Chevron - Sky Blue.jpg (1251×1250) Review: Reflection on the pathways helps determine next steps to engage every family.
The implementation of these four pathways will establish strong family, school, and community partnerships.


Oklahoma's Pathways for Family Engagement

Establish more effective personalized, two-way communication between schools and families that builds mutual trust and respect, reflects families' preferences, and provides families an authentic sense of engagement in their children's learning.

Expand the awareness, skills, abilities, and confidence of families, schools, and communities to effectively support student learning at school, at home, and in the community.

Connect to all families' interests, identities, and home lives to provide meaningful experiences that support student learning outcomes.

Create strong connections among families, schools, tribal nations, and the greater community that are compassionate, culturally sensitive, and designed to meet the needs of the whole child in support of lifelong learning.

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Last updated on February 12, 2021