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In 1981, Oklahoma became the seventeenth state to mandate educational services for students identified as gifted and talented.  This was done through the enactment of Title 70 O.S. Sections 1210.301-307 (Senate Bill 214).  Oklahoma’s funding comes through the state aid formula and is a weight of .34 for each student identified and served in gifted and talented education.

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Giftedness and Integrative Development

Presented by Dr. Diane Montgomery

Curriculum Compacting with Gifted Students

Presented by Dr. Linnea Van Eman, Tulsa Public Schools, and Sandra Lundak, Jenks Public Schools

Gifted Law in Oklahoma

Presented by Sara Smith, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Visible Thinking

Presented by Melony Carey, Muskogee Public Schools

Wonderworld Unit

Presented by Ms. Michelle Walsdorf-Grady, Norman Public Schools

A Fun Way to Put the "E" in STEM

Presented by Dana Stair, Norman Public Schools

Gifted Teacher Survey Results

Presented by Gina Lewis, University School at The University of Tulsa

Junior Great Books

Presented by Teresa Emery, Norman Public Schools

Completing Your Gifted Education Child Count Report

Presented by Rebecca McLaughlin,

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Oklahoma Gifted Education Specialist Certification

On May 24, 2012, the Oklahoma State Board of Education approved Standards and Competencies for gifted education, as well as the Oklahoma Gifted Education Specialist (OGES) Certification.  The Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation plans for the OGES certification assessment to be released in the January of 2014.  This is an additional certification area that will be available to earn for those individuals that desire to do so.  


Annual Report of Gifted and Talented Education



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