Oklahoma Young Scholars

What is the Oklahoma Young Scholars (OYS) program? 

The Oklahoma Young Scholars is a five-year grant awarded to the OSDE from the U.S. Department of Education. In the state of Oklahoma, we call our Javits grant the Oklahoma Young Scholars program or OYS. The Jacob K. Javits Grant is a federal grant with a mission to improve gifted education for underrepresented populations.  Oklahoma was awarded a $2.3 million, 5-year grant to identify, serve, and support gifted students with disabilities, low income, English language learners, minority, or economically disadvantaged populations.  We currently work with 4 school districts across the state: Guymon, Ardmore, Tahlequah, and Shawnee. 

To learn more about the federal Javits grant program visit  https://www2.ed.gov/programs/javits/index.html.



Technical Assistance Series

To ensure gifted students in Oklahoma receive a differentiated enriching educational experience, we need knowledgable professionals to envision and design gifted education programs that will identify and serve gifted and talented students.  The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) and Oklahoma Young Scholars (OYS) Team are dedicated to assisting District OYS Leadership Teams in establishing a foundation for supporting their gifted population.  We can ensure that gifted and talented students are identified no matter their background or strength and help students reach their potential.

Goals of Technical Assistance

The technical assistance sessions will be presented to between 5 and 10 district leaders and representatives of the district’s gifted and talented education committee. The sessions will be provided in three phases to support the overall goals that follow:

  • Envision - Create a shared vision of equitable programming through collaborative and inclusive leadership and support.

  • (Re)Design - Establish a foundation for exceptional gifted and talented services at all school sites through a clear and ambitious Gifted Child Education Plan.

  • Strengthen - Ensure the Gifted Child Education Plan’s effectiveness by building the capacity of teachers and administrators and creating equitable practices.

Meeting Topics

To help us reach these goals to Envision, (Re)Design, and Strengthen, this technical assistance will include a mix of essential and optional topics for the monthly meetings. The meeting topics ensure that district committees make meaningful progress toward the following objectives:

  • improving the identification of gifted and talented students from all backgrounds
  • conducting needs assessment at each school site
  • providing teacher professional development in the area of gifted and talented education
  • involving family and community member through events, activities, and services
  • reviewing GT budgets at the district and/or school site level
  • developing and reviewing the District and Campus Gifted Child Education Plans (GCEPs)
  • collecting data to make informed judgments about a quality GCEP



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Last updated on March 8, 2021