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Program Questions

How are gifted programs funded in Oklahoma?

Gifted programs are funded through the general state aid formula. All district allocation amounts can be viewed on the State Aid Gifted and Talented Weight website.  

Can we use the standard error of measure to determine placement of students in the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test of intellectual ability?

Yes, the regulations were revised and approved in August, 2000.

How do I use the standard error of measure?

According to the technical manual of the nationally standardized test of intellectual ability that you are using, the standard error of measure will be explained.  If the student tests are machine scored, one of the score reports that the school can receive will be an individual student score report which identifies the standard error of measure for that level test.  The standard error of measure is applied to the student's ability score, NOT to the percentile.

For what can a district spend its Gifted and Talented monies?

Gifted and Talented monies are part of the State Aid weighted formula general fund monies.  This means that GT monies are part of the general fund, and may be expended on items just as other general fund monies. 

Proficiency-Based Promotion Questions

In what areas or subjects can a student earn Proficiency Based Promotion?

Students are eligible for Proficiency-Based Promotion in any courses offered by your school within these subject areas:  language arts, math, social studies, science, languages, and the arts.

Who may request Proficiency-Based Promotion for my child?

The student, a parent or guardian, or a teacher may request testing and other appropriate assessments to determine if the child is eligible for Proficiency Based Promotion.  In all cases, parental wishes are considered.

Who is eligible for Proficiency-Based Promotion?

All children school entry through grade 12 who are enrolled in the school district are eligible.

What kind of test will be given to my child or student as a Proficiency-Based Promotion test?

The school will design assessments appropriate to the material that is being taught in the regular classroom and aligned to the current Oklahoma Academic Standards.  In some cases this will be a standard examination.  In others where performance measures are necessary, the student may assemble a portfolio, prepare a thesis or project, or demonstrate in some other way that he or she has mastered the material.  Proficiency must be demonstrated with an assessment score that is designated in the school district's policy. 

Where can I find more information about Proficiency-Based Promotion?

The current Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC 210:35-27-2) offers the most comprehensive look at the requirements and options provided for in regards to Proficiency-Based Promotion.


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Last updated on August 28, 2020