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Shana Classen, M.Ed., School Counseling

Director of Health & Physical Education

Oklahoma State Department of Education
2500 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Formal, structured health education consists of any combination of planned learning experiences that provide the opportunity to acquire information and the skills students need to make quality health decisions. When provided by qualified, trained teachers, health education helps students acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need for making health-promoting decisions, achieving health literacy, adopting health-enhancing behaviors, and promoting the health of others. Comprehensive school health education includes curricula and instruction for students in pre-K through grade 12 that address a variety of topics such as nutrition, physical activity, mental health, substance use and abuse, healthy relationships, injury prevention and personal health. Health education curricula and instruction should align with theĀ Oklahoma Academic Standards for Health Education. In accordance with Maria's Law, mental health objectives were added to Standard 1 in theĀ Oklahoma Academic Standards for Health Education in 2022.

Health education, based on an assessment of student health needs and planned in collaboration with the community, ensures reinforcement of health messages that are relevant for students and meet community needs. Students might also acquire health information through education that occurs as part of a patient visit with a school nurse, through posters or public service announcements, or through conversations with family and peers.

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Last updated on October 12, 2022