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ASCA National Model

The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs outlines the components of a school counseling program that are integral to a school’s academic mission. The framework was created to have a significant positive impact on student achievement, attendance and discipline. The framework consists of four components:

  • Define
  • Manage 
  • Deliver
  • Assess

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ASCA National Model Templates

IMPORTANT: If you are applying for the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) recognition, please use the ASCA templates, not the Oklahoma version of the templates below. 

School Data Summary
Guides school counselors’ review of school data and helps establish annual school counseling priorities

Annual Student Outcome Plan
Statements that guide the implementation of school counseling activities and interventions

Lesson Plan Template 
Helps school counselors plan effective classroom instruction

Annual Administrative Conference Form
A formal discussion between the school counselor(s) and administrator to agree on program priorities, implementation strategies and school counseling program organization

Use-of-Time Calculator 
Helps document how school counselors spend their time and how much time is being spent on appropriate activities versus inappropriate activities

Weekly Calendar
Includes all school counselor activities such as classroom instruction, group and individual counseling, special events, collaboration/consultation, data analysis, and committee and fair-share responsibilities

Annual Calendar 
Includes all school counseling program activities such as classroom instruction, open house nights, college and career activities and events, evening activities provided through the school and the community, and cultural events

Advisory Council Agenda
A specific agenda and goals to be accomplished in an advisory council meeting

Advisory Council Minutes
Specific and detailed notes from an advisory council meeting

School Counseling Program Assessment
Used to analyze progress toward full implementation of a comprehensive school counseling program and to identify program strengths and areas for improvement

ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies Assessment
Used to self-assess the school counselor’s knowledge, attitudes and skills

School Counselor Performance Appraisal
Completed annually by a qualified administrator to evaluate the school counselor’s overall performance

Classroom and Group Mindsets & Behaviors Action Plan
Used to provide an overview of the delivery of direct services in classroom and small group settings

Classroom and Group Mindsets & Behaviors Results Report
Used to ensure school counseling programs are assessed for effectiveness and to inform decisions related to program improvement 

Closing-the-Gap Action Plan & Results Report
Used to address academic, attendance or disciplinary discrepancies existing between student groups; school counselors develop detailed action plans indicating activities and resources leveraged to close the gaps


Additional Resources

Training Opportunity

OSDE Connect: Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework Module

OSDE is excited to offer an asynchronous training module that will provide assistance as you implement the new framework. This self-paced training module is available on OSDE Connect, OSDE's online learning community, and includes webinars, discussions and technical assistance.

Participants can earn 20 professional development hours upon completion.

While the module is asynchronous, synchronous support can be provided along the way.

View instructions on how to sign-up and access the course.

School Counseling Program Audit
Use to audit your program

Implementation Checklist
Will help teams develop a plan for fully implementing the revised school counseling model and standards. While this plan identifies specific steps for full implementation, the team is encouraged to continually review the program and make adjustments as needed. 

MTSS and School Counseling Alignment (Completed Triangle)
MTSS triangle with supports and interventions. Note: It is not required that school counselors implement everything on the completed MTSS triangle. Populated supports and interventions are used as examples.

MTSS and School Counseling Alignment (Blank Triangle)
Can be completed collaboratively by the school counselor and MTSS team to identify what supports and interventions are already in place. By identifying what is already working, school counselors can begin identifying and filling gaps. School counselors and MTSS teams can utilize an integrative approach to aligning programs.

ICAP and ASCA Student Standards Alignment
Use to align the six required ICAP components with ASCA Student Standards

Pre-Recorded Webinars
View recorded webinars for each portion of the ASCA National Model to learn how to build and implement a comprehensive school counseling program.

ASCA National Model Executive Summary 
Provides a summary of the ASCA National Model and the components of comprehensive school counseling 

Executive Summary Amendment for Stakeholders
Provides additional information about the appropriate role of the school counselor and how district leaders can support school counseling

Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework
Provides a summary of the Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework and Comprehensive School Counseling Accreditation 

Suggested Implementation Calendar: Year One of Implementation 
This document is to help schools and districts implement the Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework. The implementation calendar shows that it is meant to be a step-by-step process. 

Suggested Implementation Calendar: Year Two of Implementation
This document is to help schools and districts implement the Oklahoma Comprehensive School Counseling Framework. The implementation calendar shows that it is meant to be a step-by-step process

Appropriate and Inappropriate Activities for School Counselors

Comprehensive School Counseling Accreditation

ARP ESSER Funds for School Counseling Programs

Example School Counselor Job Description


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Last updated on March 21, 2023