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Student Information Documents and Guides



Wave Training and Weekly Wave Powerpoints: 

  • Weekly Wave (May 07, 2020) PDF Video | Last Updated May 2020 New 
  • Weekly Wave (April 30, 2020) PDF Video | Last Updated April 2020 

Requirements Documents: 

  • COVID-19 Changes to Reporting Requirements PDF Last Updated May 2020 New
  • COVID-19 Guidance for Student Attendance and District Calendars. PDF Last Updated March 2020 
  • Guidance for Attendance and Suspensions | PDF | Last Updated August 2018
  • Reporting Requirements Document 2019-2020 | Web page PDF | Last Updated July 2019 
  • Wave Requirements Document (Version 1.12) | Web page | How to Guide | Last Updated May 2020 New

Report Specific:

  • FQSR/ASR Guidance | Webpage | Videos | Last updated May 2020 New
  • October 1 Consolidated Report Guidance | Webpage | Last Updated September 2019

Data Validation Guides:

  • English Proficiency Coding Guidance PDF | Last updated April 2020 
  • Free, Reduced, and Not Applicable Lunch Coding Guidance PDF Last updated May 2020 New


Data Request Schedule in Plain English PDF | Last updated June 2020 New


For past documentation, visit the data and information systems document archive | Last updated May 2020

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Last updated on June 3, 2020