Many OSDE staff members are working remotely to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any staff or department. We will respond to your call or email as soon as possible.

School Support & Improvement

Office of School Support & Improvement

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Office of School Support & Improvement

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We are experiencing an unprecedented time of concern for Oklahoma students, families, and educators. Thank you for your work to ensure the safety and health of your students. Your response to the COVID-19 virus has proven why you are so valued in your communities. The Office of School Support is committed to continue working with all of you and supporting your needs as best we can.

We want to assure you of several areas of support that will not change in the upcoming weeks.

  • We are all available by email. If you call office phones, please leave a message as those will transfer to our email. We are happy to set up Zoom calls and/or talk by our cell phones.
  • You can continue to send in budget amendments and claims for the FY20 year. We understand the need for you to make some adjustments to your spending, particularly as it applies to professional development expenses. Within reason, your budget amendments must stay within the spirit of your original plan, but don’t hesitate to reach out to your specialist to discuss. We will exercise maximum flexibility at every opportunity.
  • Your FY20 plans in GMS will roll over into FY21 on July 1, 2020. Your yearly allocation will be loaded at that time. Your remaining funds from FY20 will carryover. We are awaiting guidance from USDE as to when those funds will expire.

    You may fill in your budget after July 1, 2020


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Federal Flexibility and the CARES Act

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5 Directions
The Office of School Support & Improvement's goal and responsibility is to provide you with the support, financial assistance and/or resources needed to build capacity and sustain change that positively impacts your students and their achievement.

All students can grow; all schools can improve

All schools can engage in a continuous improvement cycle to identify needs, create goals and action plans that include evidence-based practices, implement the action plans, reflect on implementation, and reengage by identifying needs.

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Last updated on June 4, 2020