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Accommodations include any changes that allow students with disabilities the same opportunity as students without disabilities. They may involve setting, communication, modality, equipment, and/or supplemental aids and services. Accommodations make educational opportunities accessible; they do not reduce learning expectations.

Assessment accommodations are determined by the IEP team based off the student's needs. Assessment accommodations are documented in the student's IEP. Accommodations can only be used for state assessment purposes if they are used regularly by the student during instruction and/or classroom testing, Oklahoma Administrative Code, OAC 210:10-13-2. It is important to note that some accommodations selected for instructional use may not be state approved for use on standardized assessment.

OK Accommodations Guide

Overview: Non-Standard Accommodations

Click here to view details on OSTP accommodations, including information regarding non-standard accommodations. 


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Last updated on September 16, 2015