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This page is designed to improve teacher instruction and enable administrators to become more effective leaders. The resources below are intended to equip educators with the knowledge and skill required to address the learning needs of today's students.


Professional Development Modules

Professional development modules developed by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Special Education division are intended to assist local educational agencies (LEAs) in providing professional development for educators. Each module includes relevant background information, activities/materials, and a scripted PowerPoint presentation for a particular topic area. These modules are intended for use in a workshop or other professional development setting (e.g. faculty meeting, PLC meeting). Presenters are free to use the modules in whichever way they choose.

Note: If you are having difficulty accessing a file, please make sure your browser is up to date or try using a different browser. (For example, if files are not appearing in Internet Explorer, try using Mozilla Firefox.)

To request professional development from the OSDE-SES, please complete this form and email to Jill.Hilst@sde.ok.gov

Supplemental Resource: Selecting Evidence-Based Practices

This resource, provided by the IRIS Center, is designed to assist school personnel in identifying and selecting evidence-based practices that meet the unique needs of their school. 

Academic Interventions




Alternate Assessments


Assistive Technology


Early Childhood Outcomes


Early Childhood Program Codes

Pepper Online Training 

Secondary Transition


Special Education 101


Special Education Policies, Handbook and Process Guide


Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


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Last updated on December 17, 2019