Special Education Professional Development Directory

Sophisticated forms of teaching and leading are needed to develop student competencies that include deep mastery of challenging content, critical thinking, complex problem-solving, effective communication, collaboration, and self-direction. Quality professional development leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results. 

District-Level Professional Development

To request district-level professional development from the ODSE-SES, please complete this form and email it to Jill.Hilst@sde.ok.gov.

Professional Development Resources on Padlet

Implementing effective PD requires responsiveness to educators' needs and the contexts in which teaching and learning will occur.  OSDE-SES is committed to this ongoing mission.  Professional Development Padlet

Signature Series | 2020-2021

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the first Special Education Services Signature Series!  This Signature Series addressed trauma, problematic behaviors, student motivation, and problem-solving. Through case studies, humorous stories, and examples of everyday challenging situations, we discovered nationally recognized educational leaders' strategies and interventions to help all students, especially students with disabilities.  Please pay it forward!   Signature Series Resources

OKEdge Catalog of Professional Development Modules

Join Oklahoma educators in online collaboration and learning space. Browse this catalog of professional learning modules that you can filter by title, tag, or role. Click on the arrows in the bottom right corner to expand the catalog view. To join a module, visit the login page at OKEdge.


Pepper Professional Learning Network

Pepper is a vibrant, online learning community where educators can have any time, anywhere access to rigorous, high-quality professional development content focusing on implementing special education services and individualized instruction. Pepper Course Catalog

Professional Development Presentation Bundles

Professional development bundles created by the Oklahoma State Department of Education - Special Education Services are designed to partner with districts/schools/cooperatives in providing educators with professional learning options. Each bundle includes relevant background information, activities/materials, and a scripted PowerPoint presentation for special education and instructional topics. These bundles are perfect for workshops, faculty meetings, PLCs, and SIP days and can be modified to fit any schedule.





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Last updated on March 23, 2021