Special Education Data and Reporting Part B (children ages 3 through 21)

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For questions regarding Special Education data reporting please contact:

Main Phone: (405) 521-3351

Ginger Elliott-Teague
Director of Data Analysis
(405) 521-4871

Tristan Bratcher
Data Coordinator
(405) 521-2401

Travis Thompson                    Data Coordinator                       (405)522-5203

Magdalena Garcia
Data Administrative Assistant
(405) 522-1110

Each Local Educational Agency (LEA) is required to submit Special Education data for students aged 3 through 21 years of age who receive special education and related services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to the Oklahoma State Department of Education-Special Education Services (OSDE-SES). The majority of these data are submitted during two data collection periods, called Child Count and End of Year. See the tables below for more information.
Data Collections

Child Count Collection

Due October 1

End of Year Data Collection

Due June 30

General Resources for Special Ed Directors

SPED Director's Data Checklist

Indicator Descriptions

Data Manual

EdPlan AR Reports

Significant Disproportionality Documentation

Personnel & Caseload Information

Annual Timeline Summary


SPED Discipline for Principals


Special Education Data Reporting

Under 20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3)(B), OSDE-SES is required to publicly report on the performance of each LEA located in the State on the targets in the State's performance plan. Note that SY2017-2018 information will be available in late Summer 2019.

State Reporting

School Year SPR/APR Determination SSIP
2017-2018 FFY 2017 Report (tbd) FFY 2017 Letter (tbd) 2019 Narrative
2016-2017 FFY 2016 Report FFY 2016 Letter 2018 Narrative
2015-2016 FFY 2015 Report FFY 2015 Letter 2017 Narrative


District Reporting

School Year Profile & Determinations Assessment Results
2017-2018 FY 2018 Public Reporting FY 2018 Report
2016-2017 FY 2017 Public Reporting FY 2017 Link
2015-2016 FY 2016 Public Reporting FY 2016 Link

Resources for Early Childhood/619

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Last updated on June 27, 2019