Mediation is a free and effective process to assist parents/guardians and schools in resolving disagreements and is a voluntary process in which parties meet with a neutral third party for the opportunity to resolve a special education dispute. Mediation is available at any time parties are unable or are struggling to resolve an educational dispute.
Parties interested in mediation may download a Parent Agreement or School Agreement to Mediate. The parent/guardian must also sign consent for release of information to accompany the request. SERC will notify the other party of the request. After both parties have voluntarily agreed to mediation of the issues, then a highly trained mediator will be assigned.


Mediation Resources

Mediation Consent Form

English Version | Spanish Version

Parent Agreement to Mediate

English Version | Spanish Version

School Agreement to Mediate

English Version | Spanish Version


Additional Resources

Dispute Resolution in Special Education Through Mediation

Parent/School and Mediator's Manual

Special Education Mediation

Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation



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Last updated on January 9, 2023