Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Teacher Certification

Boot Camp is one of the provisional special education teacher certification programs offered for candidates interested in obtaining a non-traditional certification in the state of Oklahoma. 


Partner Universities 

Candidates interested in non-traditional special education certification can apply through one of our Partner Universities Boot Camp Programs!

School Districts now have the freedom to hire, train, and support the best teachers by providing their own District Boot Camp!! 

You can submit your Boot Camp Initial District Application for the first year and continue each Boot Camp year by submitting the Boot Camp Renewal District Application



If you currently hold an Oklahoma Teacher Certification in any area, please contact the Office of Teacher Certification, to confirm if you are eligible to add Special Education mild/moderate or severe/profound test to your Oklahoma Teaching Certification without going through the Special Education Boot Camp Program. Additional questions can be directed to Carolyn Thomas



Certification Pathways for Special Education

• Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification Informational Letter

• Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification FAQ Guide

• Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification Flowchart

• Temporary Special Education Teaching Certificate - Requirements - Renewal

• Special Education Teaching Certificate - Requirements

• HB1233 Summary



Special Education Staffing

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Last updated on October 11, 2023