Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Teacher Certification

OSDE Boot Camp Dates

      2019-20 Sessions:

  • September 14- November 16,2019- Location: Oklahoma State Department of Education. Closed no longer accepting applications!

In addition to the OSDE Boot Camp, universities are also providing Boot Camps. If you are interested in attending a Boot Camp at a university, please see the list of participating universities below. Contact the university you are interested in attending for specific details.

Cameron University 

Holly Rice, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Education

(580) 581-2322

Eastern Central University

Sharon Cunningham 

Department of Education

(580) 559-5543

Northeastern State University

Jerilyn Haney, Instructor

Department of Education

(918) 449-6402

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

School of Education

(580) 327-8450

Oklahoma University

Kendra L. Williams, PhD, Associate Professor

Dept. of Ed. Psychology, Special Education

(405) 325-5848

Oklahoma State University

Claudia Otto, Clinical Assistant Professor

School of Teaching, Learning, and Ed. Science

(918) 594-8466

Oral Roberts University

Evie Lindberg, Associate Professor

College of Education

(918) 495-7048

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Dr. Kathleen Boothe, Assistant Professor

Educational Instruction and Leadership

Office number (580) 745-2612

Southern Nazarene University

Becky Slothower, PhD

College of Humanities and Education

(405) 408-6195

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Dr. Tracy Henry, Assistant Professor

Department of Education

(580) 774-3197

University of Central Oklahoma

Carlie Wellington

College of Education and Professional Studies

(405) 974-5105

The State Board of Education will issue a one-year provisional certificate to teach in the area of mild-moderate or severe-profound disabilities grades PK-12. The teacher may renew the certificate two more times if the individual has completed at least six credit hours in a non-traditional route to certification program or toward a master’s degree in special education.

OSDE Boot Camp Candidates

Note: Once you have a Boot Camp Letter of Completion, complete the Provisional Certificate Application to receive your Provisional Certificate.

Contact Information:

Teacher Certification: (405)521-3337
Special Education: (405)521-3351

This process is designed for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Have earned any four-year degree from an Institution of Higher Education holding Regional Accreditation
  • Have a Grade Point Average of 2.75 or higher from a previous degree program
  • Have a recommendation from a representative at a school district or Institution of Higher Education
  • Pass a National Background Check
  • Commit to complete a Master’s Degree or Certification in Special Education

Candidates who meet the above criteria and are interested in obtaining a non-traditional special education certification may submit an application to the State Department of Education. Candidates must then complete a 150-hour program that includes 120 hours of special education training known as “Boot Camp” and 30 hours of field experience. Candidates must pass all 3 certification exams (OPTE, OGET and OSAT) before applying for a standard teaching certificate in special education.


Non-Traditional Route Legislative Links


HB1233 Summary

Research Analysis

The conference committee substitute requires the State board of Education to issue a one-year provisional certificate to teach in the area of mild-moderate or severe-profound disabilities. Candidates must have been recommended by a board of education or an accredited institution of higher education, completed a 150-hour special education program and have a national criminal history record check. The teacher may renew the certificate two more times if the teacher has completed at least six credit hours in a  certification program or toward a master's degree in special education. The State Board of Education must issue a standard certificate to any individual who has been issued one or more provisional certificates, completes coursework for alternative certification or a master's degree within three years of issuance of the original provisional certificate.




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Last updated on August 1, 2019