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Best Practice in online learning & OSOCP (Dr. Lisa Daniels with SVCSB)

Chronic Absenteeism: How to Get Students to Come to School? (Jennifer Wilkinson, OSDE)

Early Warning Indicator System/My Data System (Jennifer Wilkinson, OSDE)

Enhancing School Climate Through Social and Academic Dimensions. (Heather Lester, OSDE)

ICAP for all students (Chelsea Hunt, OSDE)

New to Alternative Education? Now What? (Jennifer Wilkinson, OSDE)

Oklahoma Art Council Grant Step-by-Step (Jennifer Allen-Barron, OK Arts Council )

OK Career Guide for Educational and Career Planning Transitions (Erica Harris, Dept. of Career Tech)

OKCollegestartorg: Oklahoma's College Planning Portal (Chelsea Hunt, Regents for Higher Education)

Oklahoma Standards and Curriculum (Tiffany Neil, OSDE)

Overview of OTISS: A Blended Academic and Behavior Tiered Framework (Kristen Perez-Rickels & Megan McElroy-Griffith)

PROS: Peaceful Resolutions for Oklahoma Students (Phil Johnson, Supreme Court of Oklahoma)

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse (Jennifer Wilkinson, OSDE and Hannah Holland, the CARE Center)

Risk and Protective Factors and the OPNA (Heather Ariyeh from MH&SA)

Restorative Justice Approaches for Alternative Education (Dr. Stan Basler)

Trauma-Informed Practices (Katie Morris Henson, DHS)

Trauma: School Connections and Chronic Absenteeism (Elizabeth Suddath, OSDE).


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Last updated on July 2, 2019