Alternative Education Webinars

Attendance, Behavior, Course Completion is the ABC's of Dropping Out & Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship are the 3 R's of Dropping Out

Upcoming Webinars FY24

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FY 25 ALTed Talks- (coming soon) 




June  5th, 2024 -16 Criteria Upload with Missy Corn and Leslie Frazier
16 Criteria Upload Powerpoint


May & June 2023 Tuesday Webinars

Life Skills (Debra Webb- Elk City, Elizabeth Parsons-Mooreland, Shannon Turner-Broken-Broken Arrow, Chase Caldwell- Poteau)


Community Service (Debra Webb- Elk City, Trent Swanson-Stillwater, Misty Mason-Lawton, Garland Delk-El Reno, Hart Brown- Moore)


ICAP (Ashton Frisby-OSDE, Paul Tryggestad Norman, Hart Brown-Moore)

Overview of ICAP Powerpoint- Ashton Frisby

Hands on Arts (Elizabeth Russel-Comanche, Samantha Haynes and Jennifer Allen-Barron-Oklahoma Arts Council)

16 Criteria Upload (Missy Corn-OSDE)
Edmond template

SMART Goals (Michelle Butler-OSDE)
Table - Smart Goals

MTSS (Amy Whitewater, OSDE)
MTSS Powerpoint
MTSS tier supports
MTSS Support
MTSS blank pyramid

Counselor topics (Stacy Cline, Hennessey, Amie Hardy & Chris Condrin, Jenks, Jeff Nemcok, Edmond)

Recorded Keeping (Amie Hardy, Jenks)

ALTed Talks FY24

Desperation or Inspiration (Lieutenant Kim Lopez, Cleveland County)

FASFA (Kelli Kelnar, Asst Director of Outreach Service, OK. College Asst. Program)
to FASFA Powerpoint
Link to FAA ID Worksheets 
Link to FSA ID Worksheets in Spanish 
Link to Flowchart 
Link to FSA Video 

Trauma Informed (Dr. Sheri Fleming, OSDE)

Francis Tuttle Career Technology Center (Tracy Skinner and Randa Pirrong)

Bridges in Norman Oklahoma (Stacy Bruce, Executive Director)

My stories changes lives (Kevin Honeycutt)
Link to his book

Mr. Robert Wilkins aka Basketball Tall

Goodwill (Lisa Dillon, Vice President of Workforce)
Presentation video

Southern Workforce (Amanda Hartman & Kylie Green)
Link to Southern Workforce Powerpoint



Previous ALTed Talks FY23

Becoming in Demand (Sarah Hayes and Damon Swank, Rae Corp)
Rae Corp Powerpoint

Creating an Individual Employment Plan for Success (Vera Clark, Cherokee Nation)
Cherokee Nation Powerpoint

Drug Trends, Threats, and the Elephants in the Room (Mark Woodward, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics)

Hot careers in Oklahoma (Nicole Cue, Green County Workforce)
Green County Workforce Powerpoint 

My Individual Success (Students from El Reno)

Unfinished (Alton Carter, Author of the Boy Who Carried Bricks)

Workforce Tools (Venita McGuire, WOWDB)

Workforce Tools PowerPoint



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Last updated on July 11, 2024