Alternative Education Webinars

Attendance, Behavior, Course Completion is the ABC's of Dropping Out & Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship are the 3 R's of Dropping Out

Webinar Dates: First Wednesday of each month. 

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Previous Webinars  

Chronic Absenteeism (Dr. Shelly Ellis and Kelly Otis, OSDE)

Distance Learning (Dr. Aaron Espolt, OSDE)

Fall Regional Meeting 9/1/2020 (Missy Corn and Leslie Fraizer, OSDE)
Fall Regional Meeting Powerpoint

Implementing the ICAP process in Alternative Education (Marissa Lightsey, OSDE)

New Directors Training 9/1/2020 (Missy Corn and Leslie Fraizer, OSDE)
New Directors Training Powerpoint 

OKCollegestartorg: Oklahoma's College Planning Portal (Chelsea Hunt, Regents for Higher Education)
Alternative Education Work Based Learning Powerpoint

Overview of OTISS: A Blended Academic and Behavior Tiered Framework (Kristen Perez-Rickels & Megan McElroy-Griffith)

Practical Trauma-Informed Classroom Strategies for Students (Beth Whittle, OSDE)
Practical Trauma-Informed Powerpoint

Regional Food Bank Resources for School Serving Hungry Families (Ryan Abernathy, Oklahoma Regional Food Bank)

Risk and Protective Factors and the OPNA (Heather Ariyeh from MH&SA)

School Climate and Culture & MTSS (Blaire Harrison, OSDE)

Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors (Kristen Perez-Rickels, OSDE)
Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviors PowerPoint

Trauma-Informed Practices (Katie Morris Henson, DHS)

Trauma Informed Wrap Around Services (Elizabeth Suddath, OSDE)

Trauma-Informed Strategies (Elizabeth Suddath, OSDE)

Trauma: School Connections and Chronic Absenteeism (Elizabeth Suddath, OSDE)

Virtual Art Ideas (Dr Elizabeth Maughan, OSDE, Maria Krey-Gibson-Putnam City, Morgan Brown-Jenks, Jennifer Allen-Barron-Oklahoma Arts Council)

Virtual Art Ideas Powerpoint 

Work–Based Learn and Industry Engagement (Chelsea Hunt, OSDE)



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Last updated on March 4, 2021