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College Career Math Ready

College Career Math Ready (CCMR) is a free course designed for high school seniors who have completed Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II and need a transition course to get them ready for college-level coursework. The course emphasizes understanding of mathematics concepts rather than memorizing procedures. By engaging students in real-world applications, CCMR develops critical-thinking skills that students will use in college and their careers. The course has been implemented in hundreds of high schools across the nation and has a proven track record of increasing student readiness. Scroll down to see additional information about and resources for the College Career Math Ready course, including our Multiplying Opportunities Elevate video, upcoming training opportunities, additional resources to learn more, current schools offering the CCMR course, and colleges accepting College Career Math Ready as a measure for college-level math placement.

Provide your students with the opportunity to improve their ACT or SAT scores (Oklahoma students see typical gains of 2-3 points on their ACT after taking this course), reduce the need for college remediation, and engage in collaborative mathematics learning opportunities by providing the College Career Math Ready (CCMR) Course at your school.

Multiplying Opportunities Elevate Video


Training for the College Career Math Ready Course

Teachers are required to participate in training in order to teach this course. The next FREE training opportunities will be:

  • March 6-7, Oklahoma Public Schools Resource Center I Register Here
  • June 1-2, 2020, Rose State College Professional Training Center I Register Here

Resources to learn more about the College Career Math Ready Course

Colleges currently using the College Career Math Ready (CCMR) course to help determine college-level math placement:

Carl Albert State College

If students successfully complete the course, this college will waive math remediation requirements. Successful completion of the course will put students in college algebra, survey of contemporary math, or elementary statistics. Date of implementation: Summer 2020


Tentative: If a student completes the course with an A or B, students will be placed into college-level gateway math courses. Anticipated date of implementation: Fall 2020

Murray State College

Currently accept CCMR as one of multiple measures for math placement.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Any student who earned an A or B in the CCMR course their senior year will be able to enroll in a credit bearing co-requisite class.


Accepting CCMR as a measure for math placement.

Anticipated date of implementation: Fall 2020

Redlands Community College

Cumulative High School GPA of 2.8 or higher and successful completion of H.S. Algebra II or College Career Math Ready with a B or better AND ACT Score 15 or higher can be placed in Co-requisite College Algebra.


Graduated H.S. within the last 8 years with an unweighted GPA ≥ 3.0 WITH 3 years of HS math, including Algebra II/College Career Math Ready course enroll in MATH 1513: College Algebra.

Seminole State College

Students whose high school transcript shows completion of the SREB Math Ready course with a grade of B or better will be permitted to enroll in college-level math without placement testing or remediation.

Western Oklahoma College

Students who complete the course with a B or higher will be placed into any college-level math course.


Schools currently offering the College Career Math Ready course (note: this list does not include Career Tech schools, and the course is exclusively offered at the high school level):


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Last updated on February 19, 2020