The Mathematics page is a starting place for information related to the Mathematics Education of Oklahoma students. With so many changes in education happening, it is vital to our success as educators to be professionally engaged.

Download the Standards

We recommend the vertically aligned edition of the standards (found in Appendix B) in order to facilitate conversations with your department, PLCs, and/or vertical teams.

Additional sets of competencies are provided for Statistics & Probability, Math of Finance, Intermediate Algebra, and College/Career Math Ready.


Graduation Requirements/
Frequently Asked Questions

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OK Math Frameworks

What's available for Grades Pre-K- Algebra II:

  • Mathematical Actions and Processes 
  • Suggested Learning Progressions
  • Objective Analysis/Misconceptions 
  • Classroom activities 
  • Growth Mindset Units
  • Curriculum Map/Guide

OK Math Assessment

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Department Contacts

Christine Koerner
Director of Secondary (6-12) Mathematics
(405) 522-5628
Shannon Ashong
Director of Elementary Mathematics
(405) 522-7292
Sarah Owens
Mathematics Assessment Specialist
(405) 521-3747
Tracie Raibourn
Coordinator for STEM
(405) 521-3363
Angela Kwok
Special Education Mathematics and Universal Design/Technology Specialist
(405) 522-5036


Last updated on October 15, 2018