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Having strong STEM subject-area foundations will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to be college and career ready. The Oklahoma State Department of Education collaborates with Oklahoma educators to develop and identify high-quality resources for teachers and districts. Oklahoma resources include the OK Math Curriculum Framework, guidance documents and research, virtual professional development modules, and access to instructional communities for professional growth.

Special Announcements

NEW 2022 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics

Hundreds of educators and stakeholders participated in the review of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics (OAS-M) in 2021. The writing and draft review teams spent a large part of their summer reviewing each standard and objective and, as needed, revising. Their hard work was then submitted to the Oklahoma State Board of Education to review and vote to approve.

During a special State School Board Meeting held March 10, 2022, the State School Board voted to approve the 2022 OAS-M, with the contingency that implementation would take place starting in the 2023-2024 school year. Following this approval, the standards were submitted to the Oklahoma State Legislature for their consideration.

With the legislative session complete, the final approved version of the OAS-M is now available. At this time, educators may begin to review the revised standards. The 2023 Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) will continue to assess students' understandings of the 2016 standards. Resources will be made available by summer 2023 to support educators for the 2023-24 school year implementation of the standards. 

Download the 2022 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics.

Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps Information

The Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps will provide students in grade 7-9 with real-time, virtual tutoring support from live tutors, three days a week for twenty-one weeks starting in September 2022. Read more about this initiative on the Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps webpage.

For questions, contact Anthony Purcell, Director of High School and College Math Readiness, or 405.522.6575.

NEW Imagine Math now available for the 2022-2023 school year

Imagine Math, a comprehensive, supplemental, skills-based online math program,  will be free access to all fifth-grade, sixth-grade, seventh-grade, and eighth-grade Oklahoma students during the 2022-23 school year. Additionally, individual PK-4th grade student licenses are available at a discount.

The platform works with the classroom teacher to tailor online instruction to the needs of individual students. Students can also access live 1:1 support from certified math teachers in English and Spanish after school hours. Imagine Math is fully aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics, including authentic assessments, adaptive learning pathways, embedded scaffolds and actionable data.

For questions, contact Brigit Minden, Director of Secondary Mathematics,

Resources for Administrators

Below are links to guidance documents and additional resources to support high-quality mathematics programs in schools and districts.

Resources for Educators

Below are links to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics, strategy briefs, and toolkits to support educators as they provide high-quality mathematics education and STEM appreciation/integration experiences for students.

Calendar of Professional Learning Opportunities and Events

Below are free professional learning opportunities and events for administrators and educators. To see details, click on the event and select "expand record". To search for specific opportunities, click "filter" then "+ add condition" to filter by subject area, applicable grade bands, location, and more. To view all opportunities as a spreadsheet/list, click here.

OSDE Mathematics Contacts

Christine Koerner, Executive Director of STEM Education
Phone: 405-522-5628

Gena Barnhill, Director of Elementary Mathematics

Brigit Minden, Director of Secondary Mathematics

Anthony Purcell, Director of High School and College Math Readiness

Johnny Bray, Administrative Assistant

Shanda Finnell, Administrative Assistant

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Last updated on July 27, 2022