Oklahoma Math Teacher Circles

Math Teacher Circles are for any educator, PreK-20, who is interested in engaging in mathematics and building a mathematics community. See below for upcoming national and regional Math Teacher Circle events.

View opportunities to attend Math Teachers' Circles in Oklahoma on the Math Professional Learning Calendar. 

Goals of a Math Teacher Circle

Oklahoma Math Teacher Circles work to accomplish the following goals:

  • Goal 1: Reflect on one’s cultural and mathematical identity, and recognize every student has a unique cultural and mathematical identity. 
  • Goal 2: Develop strategies and a safe classroom culture to help students self-identify as mathematicians, reflect on their relationship with mathematics, and embrace themselves as mathematicians.
  • Goal 3: Foster an educator community that is built on a foundation of mathematics and values educator voice, mutual trust, openness, and reflection.
  • Goal 4: Apply the principles of the Math Teacher Circle community in the mathematics classroom to create an inclusive community built on productive struggle, student/educator voice, mutual trust, openness, collaboration, and reflection. 
  • Goal 5: Purposefully plan mathematics instruction that builds an all-inclusive classroom community responsive to the goals and needs of traditionally underrepresented students.

At our inaugral Oklahoma Math Teacher Circle Summer Workshop, educators developed their own mathematical identities by participating in open-ended, challenging math tasks. Facilitators included national math celebrities Fawn Nguyen, Josh Zucker, Tatiana Shubin, and Jana Talley. A part of the week-long experience included hearing from speakers about bringing equity to the mathematics classroom and developing students' mathematical and cultural identities. 

Oklahoma Regional Math Teacher Circles

Interested in participating in a Math Teacher Circle? Regional Math Teacher Circles are coming soon to an area near you! Thank you to all of our hosts, facilitators, and participants.

For information about future Math Teachers' Circle Events, see below:

City/Region OKMTC Leadership Team Location Find dates/times for future events
Ada (Southeast)

Rhonda Hibbard

Linda Goeller

Tonia Kuehn

East Central University

Facebook Page

Edmond (Central)

Kristi Karber

Camille Willyard

Amy Milligan

University of Central Oklahoma

Facebook Page

Interest Form

Stillwater (North)

Cynthia Bowers

Allison Dorko

Melissa Mills

Oklahoma State University Email questions to mtc@mathdept.okstate.edu
Tulsa (Northeast)

Tulsa Math Teachers' Circle

Janica Edmonds

University of Tulsa



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Last updated on September 7, 2022