Standards and Competencies for Oklahoma Mathematics

Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics:


Competencies provide a pathway for teachers who are looking to guide their students to the next mathematical level. Competencies are available for those schools/districts who have not already established competencies for Math of Finance and Intermediate Algebra. Statistics & Probability, Precalculus, and Trigonometry standards are now included in the 2022 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics.

The competency committee members looked at existing competencies within and outside of our state, Oklahoma high school and college course syllabi, vertical alignment documents, our Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics, and the NCTM Essential Understandings for High School Mathematics to determine which essential skills should be included in our Oklahoma competencies. What has resulted is guidance that will help our students be college and career ready.

We invite you to use this guidance and provide your feedback. We value your input!

If you have any questions about the competencies, please email Anthony Purcell, Project Manager, Mathematics at


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    Last updated on September 29, 2023