English Language Proficiency Assessment

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Office of English Language Proficiency
(405) 522-5073

EL District Coordinator for 2022-2023 School Year New 5.24.22
Google form for *NEW* designated EL coordinators. If you are a new EL coordinator for your district, please fill out the form and contact the Director ELP Assessments. 
WIDA Assessment Security Checklists New 4.12.22
Checklists for those involved in administering WIDA assessments. These are intended to help LEAs avoid testing irregularities.
2023 Testing Irregularity Report 
Google form used to report K ACCESS, ACCESS, ALT ACCESS assessment irregularities.
2023 Unique Accommodation Request Form 
Google form for unique accommodations for students who do not have an IEP or 504 or need extended test time over multiple days.
This presentation covers important reminders during the testing window, including updates to the process for transferring students during testing, tips on avoiding common test irregularities, and other helpful information.
WIDA Accessibility and Accommodations Supplement
WIDA guidance document outlining allowable student accommodations for the WIDA assessment.
Oklahoma ACCESS for ELLs Online District Coordinator Checklist
Checklist of all tasks that need to be completed before, during, and after testing within a school and/or district.
NMAR Form New 5.24.22
Form must be completed annually for any EL or potential EL student who meets all five No Measurable Academic Response criteria. 
WIDA supported page providing information on the testing date, test material, and deadlines. 
Instructions for obtaining WIDA Secure Portal and WIDA AMS accounts for new EL coordinators.
Oklahoma English Language Learner Identification and Placement Guidance Document New 6.1.22
Guidance document summarizing Oklahoma's English Learner identification and placement process.
Developed by the Office of English Language Proficiency, this resource is both an introduction to the new WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework and a guide to assist educators in aligning WIDA ELD and Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)-based instruction. This series places a strong focus on determining the critical Language Features that are common in both the WIDA ELD and Oklahoma Academic Standards. 
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Last updated on January 9, 2023