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WIDA ACCESS Overview Webinars for 2023-2024 School Year

These webinars will provide an overview of Oklahoma ACCESS testing. Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar. To meet the request from our LEAs, the OELP is offering two webinar times. Both webinars cover the same information. A recording of the first webinar will be posted to the OELP webpage. These webinars are supplemental to the required WIDA ACCESS trainings found in the WIDA Secure Portal. They are not required, but likely helpful. Please note: Webinars do not take place of recertifying on the ACCESS trainings through the WIDA Secure Portal.

OELP WIDA ACCESS Overview Option #1

         Webinar | Slide Deck  |  Q&A

                                                              OELP WIDA ACCESS Overview Option #2

                                                                  January 4, 2024 at 10 am Sign up Here

Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPs)

Completing the Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Template
Webinar | Slide Deck
Webinar providing an overview of completing the Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Template

EL/Bilingual Identification

Webinar discussing the state EL identification process, updates to the state Home Language Survey, the addition of the "Less Often" Non-EL Bilingual Qualification Form, and an EL identification scenario walkthrough.

English Language Proficiency Screeners

Webinar providing an overview of administering the WIDA K Screener initial administration, early administration, best practices, potential conflicts, and additional administration.

English Language Academic Plan (ELAP)

EL Identification and the English Language Academic Plan (ELAP)
OSDE webinar outlining the identification process and the steps necessary in the completion of a student ELAP

EL Misidentification Appeal

EL Misidentification Process Overview
Webinar | Slide Deck 
Presentation addressing the eligibility for EL misidentification appeal and overview of example documentation required when submitting an appeal.

EL & Title III State Monitoring

FY24 English Language Proficiency Monitoring New 8.7.23
Webinar | Slide Deck
OSDE information on FY24 OELP Monitoring intents, purpose, and requirements.

FY24 Title III Consortium
Webinar | Slide Deck

Language Report on Single Sign On
Webinar | Slide Deck
Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students Annual Performance Report
Title III Overview
Webinar | Slide Deck
OSDE webinar over the requirements under Title III.
2023 Title III Timeline and Reporting: Wrapping up FY23, Preparing for FY24
Webinar | Slide Deck
OSDE information on FY23 reporting requirements and preparations for FY24.

English Language Proficiency Assessment

This presentation covers important reminders during the testing window, including updates to the process for transferring students during testing, tips on avoiding common test irregularities, and other helpful information.

EL OSTP Accommodations


ELP Band Committee Exit Request

Using ELP Band Exit Process for English Learners
Webinar | Slide Deck
OSDE webinar discussing student eligibility requirements and submission of an ELP Band Exit appeal.

ELPA Indicator

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Last updated on December 20, 2023