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Understanding Your Site’s English Language Proficiency
Assessment (ELPA) Indicator Grade and Planning Next Steps:
Program Evaluation

The School Report Card allows the opportunity for sites to take a pause and think about the story of their school. What is the story of the site? What are the “spotlights” within the data? What are the identified areas of improvement? What is the plan to address those areas? The considerations and linked resources in this document will help sites to address these questions.

The ELPA Indicator Explained

Ahead of the release of the Oklahoma School Report Cards, the Office of English Language Proficiency would like to provide the Webinar and Slide Deck to reacquaint LEAs with: 

  • The ELPA Indicator and 2022 adjustments  
  • How an anticipated year to exit a Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) is determined  
  • How an English Learner’s annual growth target is calculated 
  • How the ELPA Indicator is calculated 
  • How a progress score and report card score are calculated 

English Learner Data ToolKit
This document explains how to access and understand the data in the English Learners tab in the Accountability Reporting application, including how to analyze the data, export and strategically use the data to better serve and support English Learners and provide necessary interventions.

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) Progress Module 
Module detailing information of ELPA indicator, what it measures, how points are determined, how letter grades are determined for this indicator and available resources.

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) Progress Spotlight Document
OSDE guidance document describing the ELPA Indicator, what it measures and frequently asked questions.

ACCESS for ELLs Scale Score to Grade Level Proficiency
OSDE guidance document correlating the ACCESS for ELLs 4.8 Composite/Overall scores with the equivalent Lowest Obtainable Scale Scores (LOSS) for all grades and domains.

WIDA Scale Score to Proficiency Levels
WIDA guidance document detailing the Lowest Obtainable Scale Scores (LOSS) across all performance levels and grades

Recently Arrived English Learner (RAEL) Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs for RAEL students

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Last updated on September 18, 2023