Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPs)

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Office of English Language Proficiency
(405) 522-5073

LIEP Template
Required Assurances and Language Instruction Education Program to be uploaded with the LEA Title I application in GMS
Completing the Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Template
Webinar | Slide Deck
Webinar providing an overview of completing the Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Template
Oklahoma English Language Learner Identification and Placement Guidance Document 
Guidance document summarizing Oklahoma's English Learner identification and placement process
This document is intended to expand on the definitions of different types of instruction programs for ELs offered in Oklahoma. These descriptions can aid districts in appropriately coding ELs with an ELIS (English Learner Intervention Strategy) in the district's Student Information System.  
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Last updated on March 6, 2024