EL Instruction & Professional Development

Contact Information

Office of English Language Proficiency
(405) 522-5073

Dr. Roni Mckee
Executive Director of English Language Proficiency

Dr. Thomas Kirk
Director of English Language Identification & Monitoring

Janna Corn
Director of the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) Indicator

Yuseli Freire
Director of ELP Assessments

English Learner Guidebook: Changing Educational Outcomes for English Learners 
OSDE-created guidance document discussing the legal responsibilities involved in serving ELs as well as instructional and administrative best practices regarding EL-specific supports and services.

Professional Development Requirements Related to English Learners
OSDE guidance document outlining the professional development activities that an LEA must implement when serving one or more English Learner students.

Resources for Welcoming and Educating Afghan Refugee Students
Oklahoma will soon be welcoming more than 1,800 Afghan refugees. It is likely that children in these families will be enrolling in districts throughout Oklahoma. In order to assist districts in preparing for their arrival, the Office of English Language Proficiency has created this list of resources.

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Last updated on June 24, 2022