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The Office of English Language Proficiency (OELP) provides guidance and support to teachers, districts and other stakeholders regarding legal obligations, the WIDA assessment, the ELPA Indicator, instructional practices and professional development to support English Learners (EL) in Oklahoma schools.

What's New in the Office of English Language Proficiency?

Office of English Language Proficiency Assessment Calendar
ELP Band Exit Committee Request Window 8/1/23-8/25/23
WIDA Precode in Accountability Reporting 11/6/23-11/17/23 *See Guidance Below
WIDA AMS Test Setup 12/13/23-3/22/24
Districts Receive Test Materials 1/8/24
Test Window 1/8/24-3/22/24
Additional Test Material Ordering Window 1/8/24-3/15/24
Deadline for Shipping Materials 3/29/24
Pre-reporting Data Validation in WIDA AMS 4/15/24-5/3/24
Districts Receive Reports in WIDA AMS 5/21/24
Data Verification (DVR) Window TBA
Districts Receive Printed Reports 6/6/24
Districts Receive Alternative ACCESS Reports-Online 9/20/24
Districts Receive Alternative ACCESS Reports-Printed 10/10/24


WIDA Precode 

The WIDA Precode window is open November 6th, 2023 through November 17, 2023. As a reminder the WIDA Precode is now a function of the Accountability Reporting application. Staff completing the WIDA Precode review must:  

  • *Be provided read/review access in the Accountability Reporting application by their superintendent.   
  • *Review the supporting guidance webinar (slides available here). 

ELIS Coding 

Starting the 2023-2024 SY, English learner students need be assigned a WAVE code for the type of LIEP program they have been assigned to:  

IS1 – Transitional Bilingual.  

IS2 – Dual Language or Two-way Immersion.  

IS3 – English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Development (ELD). Oklahoma State Department of Education English Language Proficiency  

IS4 – Content Classes with Integrated ESL Support. 

IS5 – Newcomer Programs. 

Including the coding in the WAVE will lead to the automation of our end-of-year performance reporting. Please be sure to complete this in your Student Information System. If you have questions about how to do this in your SIS, please reach out to your vendor. Other questions may be addressed to Roni.McKee (, tel. 405-522-5073). Please have this completed by November 30th. 


This document is intended to expand on the definitions of different types of instruction programs for ELs offered in Oklahoma. These descriptions can aid districts in appropriately coding ELs with an ELIS (English Learner Intervention Strategy) in the district's Student Information System. 


We are excited to team with your district/site to provide integral training to your staff in working with Oklahoma’s English Learners. 
New EL District Coordinator for 2023-2024 School Year New 06.16.23
Google form for *NEW* designated EL coordinators. If you are a new EL coordinator for your district, please fill out the form and contact the Director of ELP Assessments.
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Last updated on November 7, 2023