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The Office of English Language Proficiency (OELP) provides guidance and support to teachers, districts and other stakeholders regarding legal obligations, the WIDA assessment, the ELPA Indicator, instructional practices and professional development to support English Learners (EL) in Oklahoma schools.

What's New in the Office of English Language Proficiency?

Office of English Language Proficiency Calendar
ELP Band Exit Committee Request Window 8/1/22-8/26/22
WIDA Precode in Accountability Reporting 11/7/22-11/28/22
WIDA AMS Test Setup 12/14/22-3/24/23
Districts Receive Test Materials 1/6/23
Additional Material Ordering 1/6/23-3/17/23
Test Window 1/9/23-3/24/23
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Field Test Window 2/14/23-4/17/23
Deadline for Shipping Materials 3/31/23
Pre-reporting Data Validation in WIDA AMS 4/17/23-5/5/23
Districts Receive Reports in WIDA AMS 5/23/23
Data Verification (DVR) Window 6/1/23-6/15/23
Districts Receive Printed Reports 6/8/23
ELP Assessment Data Verification (DVR) Window New 5/15/23
The ELP Assessment DVR Window will open, June 1 through June 15, 2023. The purpose of this window is to provide districts the opportunity to review and correct student participation and performance data related to the WIDA Kindergarten ACCESS, ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs assessments in Accountability Reporting. OELP has created updated guidance to assist districts in their review of student data and potential submission of Data Verification Requests (DVRs). Staff completing this review will require site and/or district-level access in the Accountability Reporting application.
Webinar providing an overview of administering the WIDA K Screener initial administration, early administration, best practices, potential conflicts, and additional administration.
Due to paper-only format of the K Screener assessment, a participating student demonstrating English language proficiency on the K Screener may generate an EL conflict in the Accountability Reporting application. In these cases, the LEA will need to upload the student’s K Screener scoring documentation through the Accountability Reporting application’s conflict resolution process in order to address the conflict.
We are excited to team with your district/site to provide integral training to your staff in working with Oklahoma’s English Learners. 
New EL District Coordinator for 2022-2023 School Year 
Google form for new EL coordinators designation please fill out the form and contact the OELP.
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Last updated on May 25, 2023