English Language Proficiency Assessments

English Learner Contacts Guide:

OSDE ELPA “Who Do I Call?”: This is a quick guide to determine the best contact for your question.

WIDA District Test Coordinator Designation for 2019-2020 School Year: Please fill out this form if you are the WIDA DTC. 

OSDE English Learner Documents:

2019-2020 OSDE Calendar 

2019-2020 WIDA Q&A Webinars

  • WIDA Webinar Schedule: These webinars are scheduled in Central Time and will be posted in the WIDA website’s Secure Portal within a week after completion.

English Learner OSTP Accommodations Documents

OSDE ACCESS Testing Resources

  • No Measurable Academic Response (NMAR): This form must be used for students that meet all five the NMAR criteria. New
  • ACCESS Testing Irregularity ReportThis Google form must be used to report testing irregularities during the ACCESS window. In the event of an irregularity, district staff must both submit the ACCESS Testing Irregularity Report and email Yuseli Freire (yuseli.freire@sde.ok.gov) the report has been submitted.

  • Oklahoma School to School Transfer Form: This Google form must be used to request transfers for students who have moved between sites in the same district during ACCESS testing. These requests should be made only for students who have completed at least one domain of ACCESS testing, but have not yet completed all ACCESS domains. Please note that students transferring between districts still need to have the Student Transfer Form available under the Student Management menu in WIDA AMS completed and submitted in order to request their incomplete ACCESS test be transferred. In the event an intradistrict transfer is needed, district staff must both submit the Oklahoma School to School Transfer form and email Yuseli Freire (yuseli.freire@sde.ok.gov) that the request has been submitted. 

  • Form U-A: Unique Accommodation Request Form for ACCESS

OSDE LIEP and ELAP Guidance Webinar

Diverse Learners:

OSDE English Learner Presentations:

ELP Band Committee Exit Request Resources:

These resources can assist districts in making ELP Band Exit Requests in the Accountability Reporting application in Single Sign-On for English learners that are eligible to be potentially reclassified as English proficient and exit EL services.

OSDE English Language Proficiency (ELP) Band Documents:

Links to Important WIDA Resources:

Links to WIDA Assessments Page:

SDE ELPA Contact:

Dan Ruhl, Executive Director of English Language Proficiency 

Yuseli Freire, English Language Proficiency Assessments and Monitoring Specialist

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Last updated on November 14, 2019