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Paraprofessionals play essential roles in improving student achievement in schools.
They are responsible for reinforcing a teacher's effort in the classroom and providing
critical support to students with disabilities. 

Paraprofessionals provide instructional support, including:

►Provide one-on-one tutoring if such tutoring is scheduled at a time when a student would not
otherwise receive instruction from a teacher,
►Assist with classroom management, such as by organizing instructional materials,
►Providing instructional support in a computer laboratory,
►Conduct parental involvement activities,
►Provide instructional support in a library or media center, Act as a translator, or
►Providing instructional support services under the direct supervision of a fully certified teacher.


Special Education Paraprofessional Requirements

Tier I (Federal Programs - Title I Paraprofessional) 

Meet one of the following: 

• Two years of study at an institution of higher education (48 semester hours of college coursework),
• An associates degree (or higher), OR 
• Passed the WorkKeys Test (Bronze +) OR ParaPro Assessment (455 +)
WorkKeys: An examinee who takes the three assessments receives a score report for each assessment providing both a scaled score and a level score. The score report provides descriptions of the skills that the examinee has demonstrated. For all three assessments, examinees achieve a level score of <3, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. An examinee must score a minimum of Level 3 on all three assessments (Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents)
ParaPro: Bronze signifies an individual has scored at least a Level 3 on each of the three assessments.


Tier II (Special Education) 

In addition to Tier I, a special education paraprofessional must complete the following


• OSDE Special Education Paraprofessional training through Pepper, career technology centers, or other state-approved
training providers
• Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/First Aid training, maintaining current certification 

Yearly Requirements:

• Universal Precautions/Bloodborne Pathogens yearly training, AND 
• Six hours of professional development 


Paraprofessional Training in Pepper

Paraprofessionals can register for the Pepper Course here! 

The eight (8) modules include: 

► Legal Foundations of Special Education 
►Responsibilities and Ethics 
► IEP Participation 
►Disability Awareness and Instructional Strategies 
►Communication and Interaction Strategies 
►Behavior Strategies, Progress Monitoring and Data Collection 
►Classroom and Behavior Management for Paraprofessionals 
►Supporting Instruction in the Classroom 



Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, and meet Tier I and Tier II requirements within 120 days of employment. Paraprofessionals can be hired or employed on a provisional basis while completing the requirements within 120 calendar days of employment.


Paraprofessional Credentials

Paraprofessional credentials have been added to the Oklahoma Educator Credentialing System (OECS) located in Single Sign-On

District Superintendent and District Human Resources roles in OECS will now be able to recommend paraprofessional candidates for Tier 1 and/or Tier 2. Districts can start the recommendation process by clicking on "Manage Your Paraprofessional Recommendations". Once the educator is recommended, the educator will be able to apply online using their recommendation tile. 

• Paraprofessional Recommendation Process - 2023

• Contact the Office of Teacher Certification for additional questions regarding the paraprofessional recommendation process. Office of Federal Programs for additional questions regarding Tier I and Office of Special Education Services for questions related to Tier II.  


Special Education Paraprofessional Instructor Training

LEAs may apply to provide the required paraprofessional training as an alternative. Instructors providing the required special education paraprofessional training must meet the following qualifications: 

• Make application to the OSDE-SES; 
• Hold a current Oklahoma Special Education Teacher Certificate; 
• Have a minimum of two (2) years of experience teaching in a special education classroom; 
• Receive a recommendation from a school district administrator; and 
• Complete the eight (8) paraprofessional Pepper training modules and include the transcript of courses with the application. 
Submit the application form and all required documents

Special Education Paraprofessional Instructor Application


Additional Information


Fast Track



► Office of Special Education Services

► Special Education Services - Staffing

► Office of Teacher Certification 

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Last updated on November 3, 2023