Data-Based Decisions


Data guides implementation and the decisions a team makes to enhance school climate. Some data sources included on this page are used to assess the implementation practices for fidelity and build sustainable MTSS. The tools created through the OSEP Technical Assistance Center on PBIS are valid and reliable.


The use of data by teams ensures that ALL students' needs are being met through evidence-based practices. 

Site Level Coaching Tools

These tools were adapted and created by School Climate Transformation team using evidence-based best practices in the areas of PBIS, Trauma-Informed Frameworks, and Social-Emotional Learning. The tools below can be downloaded or copied and used to help guide the implementation of Social-Emotional-Behavioral MTSS at your site and district. 

Evaluating Effectiveness 

An integral aspect of MTSS is the Continuous Improvement Cycle and data drives that process. Teams collect data and analyze the outcomes and perceptions of students and faculty to assess the effectiveness of the MTSS framework.  

Data Source Training Guidance Resources
Fidelity Data Tier 1 team reviews and uses SWPBIS fidelity (e.g., SET, BoQ, TIC, SAS, Tiered Fidelity Inventory) data at least annually.

Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) 


TFI Guidance Document


Tiered Fidelity Inventory Tool


Appendix A Walkthrough Tool

TFI Artifact Collection

Annual Evaulations Tier 1 team documents fidelity and effectiveness of Tier 1 practices at least annually (including yearby-year comparisons) that are shared with stakeholders (staf, families, community, district) in a usable format.

School Climate Survey for elementary, secondary, staff, and parents




Handbook Example/Template


TFI Coaching Report


Checklist for Analyzing Discipline Policies and Procedures for Equity


Annual End-of-Year Data Collection

Students in Need of Additional Support 

Early identification of students needing additional support ensures ALL students are successful with appropriate levels of support and intervention. 

Data Source Training Guidance Resources
Universal Screening  

Universal Social-Emotional-Behavioral Screening Guidance

Coming soon!

Referral Process

Provide training on Teacher/Family 

Referral Process

Data-based Decision Making  

Choosing a Solution Strategy Handout


Staff Referral Form/Office Discipline Referral Form

Decision Process

An integral aspect of MTSS is the Continuous Improvement Cycle and data drives that process. Teams collect data and analyze the fidelity of the current systems and practices to improve the overall MTSS process. 

Data Source Training Guidance Resources
Team Initatied Problem Solving (TIPS)

Teams using TIPS are more likely to use data to define problems

with precision, define fewer things to do, and solve problems

leading to implementation fidelity and positive student


TIPS Agenda Template

with Problem Solving Worksheet

Discipline Data Access to instantaneous graphed reports summarizing discipline data organized by the frequency, behavior, location, time, individual student. School-Wide Information System (SWIS)

At a minimum, data reviews should be conducted yearly to ensure the continuous improvement cycle of all MTSS sustainable teaming systems, evidence-based practices, and data-based decisions.

 Screening Tools

Resource Description
Systematic Screening Tools: Universal Behavioral Screeners A list of universal behavioral screening tools with overview descriptors for use. 
Ci3T Systematic Screening The Comprehensive Integrated Three-Tiered Model of Prevention offers a list of several screening tools with in-depth descriptions of each tool.


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Last updated on June 1, 2022